About us

mBrainTrain started with a desire to make the first truly mobile research EEG device. Teaming with EasyCap brought to light SMARTING that represents exactly this: fully mobile EEG on a Smartphone that is revolutionizing cognitive science experiments.

SMARTING is now one of the best high-end scientific mobile EEG devices in the world. It is today present in top neuroscience labs across EU, US and Canada, where it is utilized for a variety of research paradigms including neurofeedback, sports, neurorehabilitation, neuroergonomics and numerous other.

SMARTING has also won several awards since, including the best technological innovation in Serbia, 2013 and has become a preferred choice of many scientists.


Falk Minow

CEO at EasyCap GmbH

Ivan Gligorijević

Organizer, CEO at mBrainTrain
PhD in biomedical signal processing from KU Leuven, Belgium.

In charge of sales and marketing.
Realist among adventurists. Seeks: excitement.

In a line: “Calm down boys, lets think it through”

Bogdan Mijović

Creator, BizDev at mBrainTrain
PhD in medical imaging (EEG and fMRI fusion), KU Leuven, Belgium

In charge of business development
Creator. Feels good performs good. Seeks: excellence.

In a line: “Enough talking, let’s just do it!”

Scientific Advisors

Prof. Maarten De Vos

PhD in biomedical signal processing, KU Leuven, Belgium. Associate Professor at University of Oxford.

Masters motivation. Scientific Excellence.

In a line: “You can do better”- No compromises

Prof. Stefan Debener

Scientific Advisor
Oldenburg University, Germany
Scientific Advisor
World pioneer in fMRI and EEG fusion as well as mobile EEG.

Prof. Dejan Popović

Inventor of several devices for rehabilitation and movement assistance.
One of the c-leg (artificial leg) inventors.
Expert in muscle stimulation and biomedical signals.